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Westpac Bank issued 20 Visa Cash cards during their 3 year program. We are using the one of the top cards for collectors as a start and will add soon cards used Westpac's cafeteria trials, the Australian Gold Coast Trials and other venues. We are working on a New Zealand page and Westpac cards issued from the New Zealand program will be located on that page. We are using this placeholder as we continue to develop this page and the VisaCash.org website.


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This Visa Cash card was a souvenir issue commemorating the first implementation of a the Visa cash card in a Coke vending machine, August 1996.  The cards was  issued by Westpac Bank as a gift to attendees at the Asian Pacific Visa conference held in Queensland. It came in a in a special souvenir folder and still has its prepaid $20 value intact. The graphics feature the more classic Coca Cola imagery. The back of the card shows the participating financial institutions - ANZ, Wespac, CBA NAB and ACU (Australian Credit Unions). Trade Date: May, 2005.

--as described by seller  in eBay auction.


If you or someone you know has more information on any of the history concerning the Westpac Bank Visa Cash card program either in Australia or New Zealand or cards on this page, please contact us.