Singapore Bank Group (six banks) Visa Cash cards (issued in conjunction with the CashCard system).


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Detail for above Visa Cash cards - original and redrawn designs.


Original Design detail: Note pencil's double lines.




Redrawn Design detail: Note pencil's solid line.



The reverse of the redrawn version of this card also carries printing details on the right hand side.


The six Visa Cash cards below were issued by a group of six Singapore banks in conjunction with the Singapore Mint and the CashCard system to celebrate the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This series of Visa Cash cards were not issued for use in Sydney at the Olympics (there was no Visa Cash system in Sydney in 2000 unlike the 1996 Atlanta Olympics). These Visa Cash cards were designed for use only in Singapore.


Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) jointly issued these Visa Cash cards with First Union Bank (USA). Issued for use at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and as a commemorative collectors edition set. Note that the cards on this page are set number 401 of 5,000 sets. Numbering for each card is sequenced by 5. So the first card in the set is numbered 000401 then 005401, 010401 etc.

When sold the Visa Cash cards contained a face cash value of $540, a very expensive set of cards if one did not spend the value. It is unknown how many sets were actual sold by the two banks and how many were sold. It is know that a number of sets were sold to dealers without the value (the expiry date had passed) or stripped of the value.  It is also not know why the cards were approved by the bank with the very noticeable bleeding printing problem on the back of the each card in the set. Also note that value denomination for each card is in US dollars.

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If you or someone you know has more information about the Visa Cash programs in Singapore, please let us know!