Preserving the History of Visa Cash & Mondex Cards

VisaCash.org is dedicated to preserving the history, information and images of Visa Cash and Mondex stored value cards issued over the last 25 years. The VisaCash.org website has been built as a resource for researchers, collectors and the general public. VisaCash.org hopes by developing and maintaining this website, it will foster an information exchange and as a result the rich history of these smart card programs is not lost forever.



At long last have begun adding images to the the VisaCash/Mondex.org website. Over the course of the next few months we will add a number of new pages this month and continue to add images and history. Look for a new Thailand Page and some really nice Mondex images.


Below are images of the first Visa and MasterCard "Smart Cards":

One of the first Visa SuperSmart Cards


Developed by Toshiba in 1988, this card indirectly led to the development of the first Visa Cash stored value card in1994.

See a short history of smart cards leading to stored value cards and Visa Cash on the SuperSmart Cards page.


SSC (2) Front


       SSC (2) Inside - How SSC (2) worked if you took off the cover - see more on the SuperSmart Cards page.

The first MasterCard Smart Card 

This sample MasterCash (MasterMoney) is from 1986. The concepts behind this card let of MasterCards acquisition of Mondex and was developed 6 years before he first Mondex stored value card issued in 1992.See more  MasterCash cards on the pre-Mondex page.


MHQ (1) Front


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